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Patrol Units

With officer safety and image effectiveness in mind, Paladin deploys only full-size, fully marked and fully equipped patrol units. Our fleet consists of Ford Crown Victoria, P71 Police Interceptors powered by Clean, Efficient, Compressed Natural Gas. These vehicles are built specifically for the demands of police service and are equipped by Paladin to similar standards. All patrol vehicles are equipped with first aid kits, fire extinguishers & jump-start kits. Paladin maintains the largest private security fleet in the region with 60 duty-ready patrol units in service nightly. With this degree of resource output, we remain unparalleled in responsiveness, effectiveness and support capability.

Mobile Data Terminals

Keen on providing quality reports and maintaining tools for effectiveness, all officers are equipped with Motorola MW800 touch-screen, in-car computer terminals. From digitized site maps, mapping programs, property regulations to other documents, our staff safely maintains useful tools at their fingertips. Our customized database maintains records of all incidents, reports and current B.O.L.O. (Be On Look Out) details for each property. Paladin's records are searchable as well, allowing our personnel to review a unit, person or vehicle history prior to responding to an incident, or afterwards when reporting it.

Conducted Energy Weapons

Paladin Private Security has always maintained awareness that this business, by its very nature, is dangerous. Working unarmed is not within the best interest of our personnel. Tasked with hazardous environments and asked to curtail dangerous activity, officers must be equipped with a reasonable means of self-defense. To that end, Paladin maintains stringent training and education requirements. Paladin constantly strives to minimize the use of force in the course of operations, and is always seeking alternative means of defense from the limited options of chemical weapons, impact weapons and firearms.

Paladin, with on-staff instructors, allows use of conducted energy weapons. This is the same device now carried throughout law enforcement as an alternative means of less-lethal force. With an effective range of up to 35-feet, conducted energy weapons deliver low amperage at high voltage. High voltage at low amperage is deployed, rendering aggressors (regardless of size or influences) incapacitated long enough for the officer to obtain control or obtain cover.

Tour Verification

Ensuring integrity in our operations and enhancing the safety of our personnel, Paladin deploys both internal and third party G.P.S. solutions throughout its patrol operations.

Enhancing services to clients, G.P.S. systems identify the closest patrol officer to any location - whether that be a call for service, an alarm activation or a fellow officer in need of assistance. This degree of technological support assures our clients receive the most expeditious response possible and that our officers retain exceptional responsiveness from their team mates.